Chamber Update - 26th March 2021

Chamber Update - 26th March 2021

Dear Members

What a week to remember with the long awaited drought breaking rain finally falling!  Once again - Storm King Dam lived up to it's name and filled up ran over the spillway overnight.

Yesterday, we held a thank you breakfast BBQ at Storm King dam to thank the truck drivers for delivering 550,000,000 litres of water to keep our town supplied with water.

On behalf of chamber I would also like to thank the State Government, Council Staff and the community who all banded together to get us through this drought. 

The filling of Storm King dam has certainly put smiles on our faces and eased our minds, however our region does not have water security and we need to continue to advocate to secure new water for our region so we are never faced with trucking in water again.

Happy weekend!

Graham Parker

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