I & L Rizzato & Sons

I & L Rizzato & Sons

Another example of an apple grower that can't be underestimated is I & L Rizzato & Sons. Though they can't take claim for being responsible for the apple that inspired Newton, they can lay claim to growing delicious apples for the past six decades, all the time located in the 'Granite Belt Food Bowl Region' of Pozieres, Southern Queensland.

From planting a tree it takes four years to grow a commercial crop of apples. During the winter months while the trees are dormant, they are pruned back. In September/October the trees flower, which in turn attracts bees to the flowering bud for pollination. Harvesting happens from January through to May, when the apples are handpicked for their best possible quality, and before you know it, they're ready for you to handpick when you're in the fruit and veg section of your local Woolies.

For a yummy dessert the Rizzato siblings recommend cooking with Granny Smith apples. One of their favourite, and quick recipes is to stew the Granny Smiths, and then serve it warm with vanilla custard or ice-cream. And while we don't know the variety of apple that knocked the theory of gravity out of Isaac Newton, it can be assumed with a mouth-watering recipe like that, his preference probably would've been for a Granny Smith.

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