Possum Lane Enterprises

Possum Lane Enterprises

Possum Lane was the first commercial hop producer in Queensland. We produce 7 varieties of chemical free hops for craft breweries and home brewers.

80% of our farm is protected from any development including a section that is a designated Nature Refuge.

The other 20%  of our farm includes our living area, a spare cleared paddock and another area devoted to carbon sequestration through the regrowth of local woodland species.

Our hydroponic system is fully off-grid solar powered.

Queensland Grown and Chemical Free

Possum Lane Enterprises is the only commercial grower of hops in Queensland. All our hops are chemical free. We sell to the local Brass Monkey Brewery at Severnlea just south of Stanthorpe. We also sell a limited amount to home brewers in 100gm cryovac packs. 

We grow eight varieties of hops including Victoria’s Secret, Cascade, Chinook, Fuggles, Halletau, Hersbrucker, Goldings and Saaz.

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