Nicoletti Orchards

Nicoletti Orchards

Our family have been growing fresh apples and stonefruit since 1950. Our aim is to provide our customers with an unforgettable apple eating experience!

Back in 1950 Guido and Anna Nicoletti and family grew Granny Smith and Gravenstein varieties and some stone fruit. It was a lot of hard manual labour in those days. The farm grew bigger and in 1973 Aldo and Iole took over from Guido and Anna.  They  planted more beautiful varieties like Jonathan and Red Delicious apples. During this time the cold storage facility, hail netting, packing shed and irrigation systems were established.

Two decades later their grandson Daniel and his wife Toni immersed themselves into their 100 acre farm planting more varieties including the Royal Gala, Pink Lady, Sundowner and Fuji. Daniel and Toni are passionate about growing apples. They know how good a fresh apple can taste and they endeavor to share that great eating experience with as many customers as possible.

Our refreshing Apple & Ginger Juice is available for purchase from the Seasonal Feast Farmers Market every Friday in the Stanthorpe Piazza & Market in the Mountains Stanthorpe.

Seasonal apple varieties including Royal Gala, Fuji, Red Delicious, Kalei, Pink Lady and Granny Smith are available for bulk purchases on farm only. Please contact us directly for bulk purchases.

Smaller quantities and other varieties, including Envy and Kanzi, are sold through the wholesale markets to all good fruit shops.

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