Granite Belt Growers Assoc.

Granite Belt Growers Assoc.

Granite Belt Growers Association represents local and regional farmers growing fresh produce on the Granite Belt, working together to connect, learn, and network.

For us, it’s about drawing on our growers’ roots while celebrating the diversity of the Granite Belt.

Our farms benefit from the cool climate in the famously beautiful Granite Belt located in Southern Queensland. Because of our subtropical highland climate, we grow the most diverse range of fresh Summer produce in Queensland.

For growers on the Granite Belt, farming has always been more than just about earning a living – it’s a way of life. Most produce on the Granite Belt is grown on farms that have been owned and operated by the same families for generations, and growing fresh, high-quality produce has been a continuing passion for these families.
While the traditions of these farms have been preserved, the most innovative farming practices have also been adopted to guarantee the future sustainability of our farms and the industry.

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