Fuji Xerox Business Centre

Fuji Xerox Business Centre

Fuji Xerox Business Centre has a dedicated and professional sales team committed to your needs. From small business to national companies, from government departments to not for profit service providers the Fuji Xerox Business Centre Sales Team have a solution for you. We offer over 20 years of experience in the field which means you can have confidence our Sales Team will provide your business with the right solution now and into the foreseeable future, giving you peace of mind. Our focus is on improving business processes, documentation flow and archiving systems. The Sales Team will develop a tailor-made solution to meet your specific requirements.

Excellence in customer service is our number one priority. Our local Customer Service Team continually strives to provide expert, friendly and responsive service. In keeping with our mission we continue to exceed our customer’s expectations. Our commitment to ongoing systems improvement and staff development ensures the highest standard of service. Our service team is backed by worldwide Xerox information systems and know how.

We are committed to the environment through our extensive nationwide Fuji Xerox Australia recycling program. Participation in the Fuji Xerox Sustainability Program as well as other local initiatives drive our carbon footprint reduction program.

Fuji Xerox Document Imaging Service can provide a range of scanning solutions. Our team caters for basic scanning to portable media through to enterprise wide document storage and retrieval systems. We can provide this service at our premises, provide specialised staff to assist or train your team at your location or a complete on-site turnkey scanning solution.

Through this service you can eliminate looking through thousands of files for a client’s information, search a single file for key words and in seconds find the pertinent information. Our system will also free up valuable storage space.

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