Department of Employment, Small Business and Training

Department of Employment, Small Business and Training

We support Queensland's future workforce by connecting all Queenslanders to learning opportunities through quality training, and employment opportunities and by helping small businesses to start, grow and thrive.

The department is responsible for supporting the Minister for Employment and Small Business and Minister for Training and Skills Development. In supporting our minister, the department is maintaining high-quality services and focusing on implementing the government's objectives for the community and its government commitments.

We contribute to the government's following objectives for the community:

  • Supporting jobs—by delivering programs to get people back to work and support small businesses to employ and assist job seekers. The department also works across government and industry to identify and address the workforce development needs of emerging industries.
  • Backing small business—by helping small businesses to start, grow and thrive through grants and support programs and to help keep Queenslanders in jobs.
  • Making it for Queensland—by working together with other agencies to increase access to new markets for regional small businesses and working with industry to adopt innovative manufacturing techniques to enhance global competitiveness.
  • Building Queensland—by upgrading and building new TAFE Queensland infrastructure and facilities to ensure we have world-class learning environments.
  • Growing our regions—by supporting and maintaining regional partnerships and working with regional businesses and industries on projects and programs to support economic resilience and growth.
  • Investing in skills—by connecting people to quality training and skills to prepare them for work now and in the future.
  • Backing our frontline services—by connecting people to COVID-work safe training and investing in infrastructure that will be used for teaching new skills to frontline staff to help keep Queenslanders safe.

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