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  Why Shop Local?

Because your local shops

... are easily accessible
... save you money
... save you petrol
... provide local jobs
... are friendly and helpful
... support community organisations

Your local purchases support local jobs!


The Chamber of Commerce Stanthorpe First Committee is responsible for the "Shop Local" Campaign.

Our aim is to increase awareness in the community about the benefits of shipping local.  This campaign is about locals supporting locals.

The Committee is now printing polo shirts and aprons with the Stanthorpe First Logo and in the future, our aim is to have flags in the main street.

We need your local business to contribute and assist in getting this extremely important message out there!

A number of local businesses have already shown their commitment to this campaign by:

Having T-Shirts printed with "Shop Local" slogans on the back, such as:   "Let every $ ripple through our town".

Printing "Support Local" sayings, such as:  "Proud of the Granite Belt growing the tastiest Queensland apples".

It is up to each individual business as to what they might wish to print.

We have put together a selection of "Stanthorpe First" promotional items to help strengthen the Shop Local message.  Please see photo below (image courtesy of Stanthorpe Border Post) and click here for further details and pricing.


Stanthorpe First Merchandise


The "Stanthorpe First" Committee is asking businesses and other organisations to come on board and assist us in promoting our wonderful town and the benefits of looking after what we are all so proud of.

The following decal & poster will be appearing in businesses shortly and we hope to apply for grants or sponsorship for the flags in the near future.

We will also be aiming to encourage farmers, local organisations and many others to join the Chamber of Commerce and help us retain our town and the Granite Belt as we know it.


Please join us in this campaign to ensure that all locals put Stanthorpe First!


Stanthorpe First Decal

Stanthorpe First Decal


Stanthorpe First Poster

Stanthorpe First Poster


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